Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Servers with NO software license to pay.

Now you can with OPENserver.OPENserver is powered by the Internet’s best open source technologies.So why pay MORE when you can pay LESS and get MORE!!

With OPENserver, you START SAVING NOW!
(1) No License to pay.
(2) No upgrades forced upon you.
(3) Automatic updates, patches, and fixes.
(4) Web-based Administration reduces technical support costs.
(5) OPENserver uses less hardware than other operating system.
(6) Recycle and Revive Old Servers.
(7) The OPENserver server is 12% more energy efficient. Lowerpower consumption translates to longer hardware lifespan.

OPENserver SME Edition•
NEC Express Server- 2GB RAM, 2x500GB RAID-1 HDD- Linux Operating System•
Basic Components- eGroupWare Collaboration Portal- Website with Joomla! CMS- Webmail- Synchronization with Outlook•
Unlimited Users•

OPENserver Technical Support Subscription- includes on-site installation, configuration, & training.

Egroupware - More than Email.
Egroupware enables you to manage and sharecontacts, calendars, tasks, documents, and projectsfrom anywhere via a web browser, Outlook, PDA, andMobilephones.
Read Emails from any browser.
Share Contacts and Calanders.
Manage Tasks and Group Projects.
Access Files and Documents.

OPENserver Technical Support Subscription ServicesOPENserver is supported by a team of open source experts. TheOPENserver servers are integrated with the best-of-breed opensource applications and a single web administration interface.OPENserver provides managed services that monitors serverhealth, provides server testing and updating facilities for anti-virussignature updates, product bug fixes, patches, updates, andupgrades.The OPENserver server is only available through a technicalsupport subscription.

The technical support subscription comes in two plans.
(1) Annual 9 x 5 Next Business Day Support Plan
(2) Annual 24 x 7 (4 hour response) Support Plan

* Free Server is applicable for a 2 year annual9 x 5 Next Business Day Support Subscription Plan @ S$4880 / year

YES!! I want to reduce COSTS and increase ENERGY EFFICIENCY now!!Do Take Action Now before It Costs You much More.

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Email : vulcany2k@yahoo.com.sg(Please leave your NAME, CONTACT, EMAIL ADD so that I can attend to you asap.)



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